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About Us

DecisionTree Analytics is a niche player in the Analytics and Campaign management space. We combine data driven algorithmic analysis with heuristic domain expertise to provide Predictive, Pervasive and Actionable analytics that empower organizations to make better and informed decisions. Our value proposition is to partner with clients through the entire cycle of analytical decision making and campaign execution.

We work with leading organizations in solving high impact business problems in key horizontals such as Marketing, Operations, Finance, Risk and Supply Chain. Our expertise and experience cuts across multiple and disparate verticals such as banking and financial services, insurance, telecom, retail, FMCG, healthcare, automotive and travel & hospitality.   

DecisionTree Analytics was founded with the zeal to provide innovative and custom data analytics solutions to the ever changing needs of today's business. We started with the idea of helping clients to discover their data, to identify patterns and predict future events which could support their fact based decision making process.

DecisionTree envisages being a category defining Decision Sciences and Big Data Analytics Company helping enterprises institutionalize data driven decision making.