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The auto industry is facing an unprecedented number of challenges, including intense competition, macroeconomic challenges, and energy and commodity volatility. But perhaps the biggest drivers of change in the automotive industry today are the customers. Today’s car buyers are a new breed of consumers. They are empowered by technology, transparency and an abundance of information. Customers are interacting with automotive companies through a larger number of touch points, driven by increased usage of digital channels. Automotive marketing organizations have an unprecedented opportunity to collect and synthesize this vast array of customer data. This data, coupled with the latest customer analytics techniques can result in a greater understanding of the customer and a customer experience that is more personalized and timely, which adds value across the customer life cycle.

Automotive companies must learn to better position themselves for more direct, personal relationships with consumers. Dealers and OEMs need to reestablish the basis of their relationship and focus on optimizing and deepening their relationship with consumers. By sharing customer data across the value chain, manufacturers and dealers gain an invaluable knowledge of the wants and needs of the customer.

We leverage a scientific methodology to help our client partners sell more vehicles, improve profitability and increase customer loyalty. And we do that by helping solve their toughest challenges including improving individual dealer performance, efficiently converting sales leads into sales and creating customer insights to improve customer engagement and retention. In short, we guide business through science and data.

  • Lead Acquisition & Optimization
  • Propensity Scoring & Qualification
  • Response Analysis & Reporting
  • Segmentation & Profiling
  • Tiered Communication & Survey Analysis
  • Cross-Sell & Upsell
  • Service Due Reminders
  • Attrition Prediction
  • Prediction of Next Purchase
  • Reactivation of Lapsed Customers