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The financial services sector has gone through unprecedented change over the last few years. Changing customer preferences, competition and increased regulations have forced financial services companies to aggressively look at identifying new ways to ignite profitable growth.

Technology and Data has long played a key role in their decision making. They are now taking it to the next level by leveraging data to take a customer centric view, improve customer experience to build loyalty and enhance lifetime value, while managing risk and optimizing capital.

Effective business analytics can provide financial services organizations with powerful tools to better understand customers, fuel profitable relationships, improve performance and processes, and manage risk. The opportunity for the sector is to unlock the potential in the data through analytics and shape the strategy for business through reliable factual insight rather than intuition

DecisionTree provides a wide spectrum of analytics solutions in the areas of retail banking, card services, asset management and insurance services. We leverage the power of analytics to identify, target and retain high-value customers across insurance, banking and financial services sectors. We believe analytics is a critical component that is changing the way companies engage more directly with customers, retain them and manage their risk.

  • Market Segmentation & Profiling
  • Marketing Mix Modeling
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Price & Promotion Effectiveness
  • Response Modeling
  • Customer acquisition
  • Profiling & Segmentation
  • Up-sell / Cross-sell
  • Retention & Churn Modeling
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Customer Lifetime Value
Risk Analytics
  • Risk based Pricing
  • Credit Scoring
  • Loss Modeling
  • Bad Debt Prediction Modeling
  • Claim Analytics

Fraud Control & Collections
  • Recovery Scorecard
  • Fraud Detection & Analysis
  • Collection Modeling
  • Early Warning Deliquency Scorecard

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