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Campaign Management

Running an effective campaign process is one of the key challenges that any marketing organization faces. It is not just about the process efficiency but also about having a profit driven decision making process so that the investments in campaign can stand internal scrutiny.

While many organizations can accurately segment markets and customers, many still struggle to execute efficiently. They must rapidly develop and coordinate a myriad of communications, in concurrent campaigns through multiple channels. If those communications don’t reflect a true understanding of our customers’ needs, they will continue to see low response rates.

We handle the entire campaign management process of data preparation, creating target segments, holdout of control groups, creating campaign cells, handling multi-channel campaigns, seeding, response calculation and ROI measurement. We handle automation of event or trigger based campaigns, integration with SMS and email service providers, and work alongside your creative agency to execute the campaigns.

Our Campaign Management Framework drives smarter and more profitable campaigns by intelligent targeting, efficient execution and proactive analysis to incorporate insights based on customer responses into future campaigns.

  • Segment customers into meaningful target audience
  • Suppress prospects based on compliance, customer requests or resting rules
  • Generate ‘probability to respond’ scores for all customers & target top scores
  • Finalize prospects based on propensity to respond scorecard
  • Generate & publish campaign calendar, codes, pricing, call/email lists, emails / call transcripts, couponing
  • Execute campaign across locations through multiple channels
  • Record & synchronize data, perform maintenance activities and prepare data for analysis

  • Analyze collected data based on parameters such as Response rates / time, incremental sales, customs segments, communication channels, geographies or time range etc
  • Measure campaign ROI and other success metrics
  • Derive insights for use in designing future campaigns

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