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Our Approach

Analytics is all about converting large amount of data to useful information or knowledge, generating insights by uncovering hidden patterns and finally using these insights to drive more effective decisions, which help realize savings or generate greater revenue. In other words, analytics means ‘data driven decision making’.

Enterprises may be at different stages of their analytics maturity and our approach is to partner with organization through their entire analytics journey from a low maturity stage of data discovery to descriptive modeling and finally to an advanced maturity stage of predictive modeling


Data Discovery

  • Analytical and adhoc reporting
  • Flexible and quick dashboards
  • Support real time business decisions

Descriptive Modeling

  • Business Rule based classification
  • Demographic & behavioral segmentation
  • Cluster Analysis

Predictive Modeling

  • Use statistical techniques like regression, univariate & multivariate techniques, forecasting, cojoint and factor analysis to predict outcomes.
  • Fraud, Churn, Acquisition, cross-sell and response modeling

Our core capabilities, processes and technology assets enables firms of different sizes, locations and industries, across various stages of analytics maturity to use analytics in their day to day work and elevate them to a new gradient where informed decision making can multiply value manifold.