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Supply Chain Analytics

Many companies lack the knowledge or capacity to effectively integrate sustainability into their existing supply chain operations. Regardless of the industry vertical, the speed of business operations is outpacing the level of insight into the supply chain. So the main problem that companies face today are the delays in critical paths along the entire supply chain, causing cascading delays before a product reaches market.

Our supply chain analytics services include a range of advanced supply chain analytics solutions across multiple industries to reduce operational costs, minimize lead time, lower material wastes, and optimize distribution networks.

Inventory Optimization
  • What inventory buffers should I hold and where should I position? 
  • Segmentation for tailored fulfillment strategies .
  • Safety Stock Recommendations
  • Inventory Budget Optimization
Network Planning and Optimization
  • How optimized are my transportation routes and loads?
  • Route Optimization and Backhaul.
  • Shipment Scheduling Optimization
  • Transportation Contract Compliance.
Demand Analytics
  • What is my demand forecast and how is it tracking with retail sales? 
  • Point of sale based forecasting at Retailer/DC/ Store level
  • Deviation analysis between Forecast vs Actual
    sales against Stores and SKUs
  • Forecast integrated with promotion plans, competitor actions etc.
Sourcing Analytics
  • How do I source at the lowest landed cost & who are my best suppliers? 
  • Supplier Scorecarding.
  • Contract Audit
  • Actionable metrics: Specific, Measurable, Relevant &Timely

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