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Telecom & DTH

The Telecom industry is rapidly evolving with escalating infrastructure costs, declining customer acquisition rates due to market saturation, high customer churn rates, declining ARPU and competition; making it difficult to monetize new applications and generate new sources of revenue.

Telecom & DTH service providers possess huge amounts of data about subscribers and their behavior. This data, if correctly analyzed, can provide valuable insights for decision makers and sales and marketing professionals. First of all, advanced data analysis produces segmentation of customers and creates a portrait of the best subscribers and identifies the best subscriber segments. Secondly, it discovers and prioritizes specific products and services which a subscriber is likely to consume from offers and campaigns. Thirdly, predictive analytics gives an opportunity to proactively predict the probability of a subscriber’s risk to churn and initiate real-time marketing interventions towards such subscribers. Finally advanced predictive analytics also helps with new subscriber acquisition, creating more innovative and targeted offerings and campaigns.

The use of data analytics with decision sciences can propose startling results to optimize spend, forecast demands, reduce customer attrition, and assess customer life-time value. DecisionTree offers a myriad of analytics solutions across multiple functional areas of Telecom & DTH operations such as Marketing Analytics, Customer Engagement, Pricing, Billing and Network Management.

  • Market Segmentation & Profiling
  • Marketing Mix Modeling
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Price & Promotion Effectiveness
  • Response Modeling
  • Customer acquisition
  • Profiling & Segmentation
  • Up-sell / Cross-sell
  • Retention & Churn Modeling
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Customer Lifetime Value
Pricing & Billing Analytics
  • Pricing strategies based on future usage patterns of customers
  • Billing & Fraud Analysis
  • Default Propensity Prediction.
  • Revenue Analysis

  • Network Utilization & Optimization
  • Capacity Planning
  • Traffic and Bandwith Analysis
  • Call flow and Usage Analysis

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