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Work Streams

We consistently deliver high ROI for our clients through effective implementation of business analytic solutions. Analytics is specific to your company, industry and business needs and we offer a range of solutions tailored to you. DecisionTree works with Clients to support their Data Analytics requirements in the following Functions:

Marketing & Customer Analytics:

Customer analytics is a process by which data from customer behaviour is aggregated and analyzed to gain customer insight, enabling your business to help make better, quicker and customer-driven business decisions. This information is used by businesses for direct marketing and customer relationship management. Customer analytics plays a very important role in predicting customer behavior and shaping future customer interactions.
Our proven expertise in data modeling and analytics provide excellent customer insights to stakeholders only to help them leverage business intelligence in strategic and tactical decisions. Our outputs in segmentation, response modeling, and prediction of customer behavior work accurately and are one of the best in the industry.

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Supply Chain Analytics:

Every company with a supply chain devotes a fair amount of energy to making sure it adds value. But new tools and disciplines now make it possible to drill deeper into supply chain data in search of savings. Companies are using advanced analytics on every aspect of their supply chain to improve forecasts, demand planning, sourcing, production and distribution. Investing in advanced analytics will save money and solve problems you didn’t know you had.
DecisionTree provides Supply Chain Analytics and Advisory Services to help companies create value-driven, fact-based and data driven supply chain decisions.

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Risk Analytics:

High-performance organizations see fraud and risk analytics more of an opportunity to proactively build strategic, preemptive capabilities focused on real business benefits. Risk is everywhere, particularly for financial institutions. Whether it's exposures to your customers from identity theft, privacy breach, and fraud or exposures to your institution from interest rates swings, loan defaults, and business disruptions, risk managers need to demonstrate sound risk mitigation strategies. DecisionTree provides Risk Analytics services that spans across the customer acquisition stage to the collections and recovery stage helping organizations leverage data analytics to develop behavioral and application scorecards, segmentation and risk profiling, fraud and loss detection , recovery and collection strategies.

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Campaign Management:

Running an effective campaign process is one of the key challenges that any marketing organization faces. To gain and retain customers, marketers must communicate with them as individuals using messages that are relevant, timely and delivered through their preferred channels. Our campaign management services orchestrates multi-phase, cross-channel marketing campaigns to targeted customer groups. Real-time campaign response and activity data assure timeliness and relevancy of subsequent customer interactions to drive increased response, sales and retention. We call it Precision Marketing

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